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Dinosaurs Live at Oakland Auditorium on 1982-12-31

Topics Live concert

01. Bill Graham Intro. > Who Makes The Moves?
02. One Way Out*
03. Got Love*
04. Promontory Rider*
05. I Can't Dance*
06. Save The Whales*+
07. Streetwise
08. Level With Me*
09. St. Louis Blues*
10. How Blue Can You Get?*^
11. San Francisco*^=
12. D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R.*^=

Collection Dinosaurs
Band/Artist Dinosaurs
Venue Oakland Auditorium
Location Oakland, CA

Source AUD MC (unknown setup) > WAV > CDWave > CDR > EAC > FLAC
Taped by unknown
Transferred by Tom Shyman


Line up : Robert Hunter - vocals/guitar
Barry Melton - vocals/guitar
John Cipollina - lead guitar
Peter Albin - bass/backing vocals
Spencer Dryden - drums

with special guests..

* Nicky Hopkins - Piano
+ Joe McDonald - Lead vocals/guitar
^ Kathi McDonald - Vocals
= Steve Douglass - Sax

Opening for the Grateful Dead

'Level With Me' cuts in, first few seconds missing (tape flip) This AUD master tape is owned by me, but I didn't record the show. Before me, it owned by Jeff S. Recently, Jeff said this wasn't one of his own recordings, but he picked it up at a flea market just a few weeks after the show! He transferred the tape to his own CDR for his private collection, then gave it to me as a gift! One has to believe there is a SBD of this show as well, although it never has appeared.

I did no EQ'ing or editing on this. This is a 'pure' recording of what the twenty one year old tape sounds like. As you will hear, it is still in amazing shape! As always, this is for trade only and NOT FOR SALE!

This FLAC was premired on CipQuick, an online group specializing in John Cipollina recordings, with a zest of using the best known sources. You are welcome to check us at...

Endless thanks to Jeff S. for the source tape! This is for you!


Reviewer: thelegroom - - September 6, 2008
Subject: NYE Party
Thanx Tom. Nice show, decent recording. I am opening my radio show this week with Save/Whales and How Blue Can You Get? Peace
Reviewer: jackerowe - - April 1, 2007
Subject: Wow!
This is amazing. I was at this show and had a tape long ago. Never dreamed I'd find it again. THANK YOU!!!
Reviewer: rango - - December 11, 2006
Subject: Great set!
Was at this show and remember the Dinos set very fondly. Especially Save the Whales, which I thought was incredible while at the show, and listening again, concur with my memories. Sound is not bad on the tape, either.
Reviewer: logan714 - - July 9, 2006
Subject: My first Dino's show
I remember the intro by Bill. It was the closing of the Oakland Aud before they turned it into the Kaiser. Breakfast was served after the third set of the Dead with Lena Horn and Tower of Power horn section.

As for board tapes, I was hanging out with some taper friends behind the sound board. The board was analog and I seem to remember reel to reel along with the cassette. Anybody looking for a board might want to try KFOG. They broadcast Dead New Year's shows of that era. The Dino's were one of the only bands that I saw everybody pay attention to who opened for the Dead. Needless to say, I saw the Dino's many more times. Met John, he had a thing going with my roommate. Also, one time, we followed Meryl from the Lincoln district to Santa Cruz for a Catalist show one time. Meryl in his 230 SL Mercedes. Ivroy colored.

Reviewer: b ross - - March 17, 2006
Subject: This show rips
God was at this show; he was impressed and smiling. : }
Reviewer: amellowsoul - - May 2, 2005
Subject: Excellent... warts and all!
First off, more Cipollina is on it's way. =) Be sure to look under "cipollina" (will host all Cipollina bands except Zero, Dinosaurs and QMS) too.

Second, the QMS is still pending, but soon as I get a green light (or if.. fingers crossed), then the fun will begin! This will be found under "quicksilver"

Third, in 1982 era SBD will be a cassette as well, so it might be just equal to this recording or perhaps even worse. I have spent about 6 years now trying to track it down and have had no luck.

Lastly, I don't EQ any of my offerings. I leave it "flat" so it's true to the master reel (or 1st or 2nd gen) sound. Anyone can then feel free to EQ it personally, the way their ears want it. I argee there is some problems on this, most noticeable is the lack of some decent bass, but I am sure will argee the performance energy makes up for it.
Reviewer: livecactus - - April 29, 2005
Subject: Someone , Anyone, Bueller???
Pleas post a soundboard and/or clean this up a bit. Don't get me wrong it sounds really good for what it is. The music sounds dirty, nasty, awesome. I would love to hear it as a soundboard.
Reviewer: alanabr - - April 29, 2005
Subject: need more john cipollina
Amazing show. Makes me wonder...did Quicksilver Messenger Service condone tapers?...if so, please readers upload 'em if you got 'em. Also, Copperhead...any live stuff w/ John Cipollina, my favorite guitarist other than Jerry
Reviewer: jeffsetz - - April 23, 2005
Subject: great set
This audience source tape was one of many early '80s era tapes I found in a box at a bay area flea market back in the early 90s. Most of what I found were audience masters recorded on a Sony D-5 w/ Senn 421s->TDK metal tape. I was at this show and really enjoyed my 1st exposure to the Dinosaurs. A very fun band to see live, especially when Robert Hunter was in lineup. Thanks Tom for uploading the show. Glad to see that old cassette get some serious milage.
Reviewer: rootman - - April 23, 2005
Subject: Dinosaurs at last
This is a wounderful example of The dinosaurs for all you dead heads. Quality is tipical for a analog recording. Robert Hunter fans should be very happy with this concert. I've waited a long time to see The dinosaurs uploaded to the internet. This is an excellent addition to ones personal archives. I hope we see more!!!!!!
by Dinosaurs
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Source: .Master Cassette Sony D6 w/Sony Stereo Microphone
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Source: SBD >
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Source: Sony ECM-939LT stereo mic > Toshiba KT-R2 walkman. Taped onto Maxell XL-II tapes. Mic set up in front center of balcony.
by Dinosaurs
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Source: SBD > ? > CDR (2) > WAV > EAC > FLAC
by Dinosaurs
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Source: AUD MC (unknown setup) > WAV > CDWave > CDR > EAC > FLAC
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Source: Master Cassette Sony D6 w/Sony Stereo Microphone
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Source: Senn 441's > Sony D5 Master > Maxell MX90 1st gen